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I help determined business owners run wildly profitable, scalable and effective PPC campaigns on Google Ads and beyond.

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 No Fixed Contracts

 One-Off Campaign Setups and Partnerships

 Detailed PPC Campaign Audits

 Analytics and Conversion Validation

PPC is a Powerful Marketing Channel

It's the only marketing activity that puts your business right in front of your customers at the point they are looking for your services.

I'll make sure your business generates sales consistently and profitably using my 11+ years of experience managing PPC campaigns.

To win on Google Ads (and other PPC platforms like Microsoft Ads on Bing) it requires technical expertise and a deep commercial understanding of your business.

I will make it my mission to understand your business from the ground up and deliver the results you deserve.

How I Run Profitable PPC Campaigns

My process has delivered for dozens of clients, from small local businesses, to global FTSE100 organisations.

1. Understand Your Challenges
By gaining a deep understanding of your business, and the competitive landscape, I can ensure we hit the ground running. I provide a free website and digital business review as part of my process.
2. PPC Campaign Delivery
Whether you're running PPC campaigns already or you're just getting started, I will research, structure and build your PPC campaign based on proven methods that deliver incredible results.
3. Ongoing Support
As your campaigns start delivering, I will use the performance data to improve performance on an ongoing basis and scale your campaign while remaining highly profitable.

Meet Your PPC Freelancer

Hi, I'm Darren Taylor and I have been a PPC fanatic for over 11 years, working with organisations big and small across a wide variety of industries, delivering amazing results.

I am also a marketing tutor at The IDM and run a popular digital marketing YouTube channel.

I love helping my clients grow their businesses through the power of Google Ads.

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Companies I've Helped

Full List of My PPC Freelance Services

PPC consultancy
Search campaign setup and management
Performance Max Campaign setup
Shopping Ads
Retargeting campaign setup (including creative)
Campaign performance optimisation and audits
Compelling copywriting for highly clickable ads

Detailed keyword and market research
Competitor landscape analysis
Analytics and conversion tracking audit and validation
Conversion rate optimisation audit
Bespoke reporting to fit your needs