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I help determined business owners run wildly profitable, scalable and effective PPC campaigns on Google Ads and beyond. 🚀

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about his work, so I put him to the test. Good choice because business is booming."

Leigh Harrington
Director - London Washing Machine Repairs


You may have tried every agency under the sun, or hired marketing talent into your business, but leads and sales just don't seem to be increasing.

To build a successful business in the modern era, it takes more than a simple approach to Google Ads. It takes serious commercial and technical expertise.

I'll give your business the strategy, tools and insights I've gained from millions of pounds of successful advertising spend for both global and local businesses. It's time to call in an expert.

How I Run Profitable PPC Campaigns

My process has delivered for dozens of clients, from small local businesses, to global FTSE100 organisations.

1. Understand Your Challenges
By gaining a deep understanding of your business, and your industry landscape, I can ensure we hit the ground running. I provide a website and digital business review as part of my process.
2. PPC Campaign Delivery
Whether you're running PPC campaigns already or you're just getting started, I will research, structure and build your PPC campaign based on proven methods that deliver incredible results.
3. Ongoing Support
As your campaigns start delivering, I will use the performance data to improve performance on an ongoing basis and scale your campaign while remaining highly profitable.

Meet Your PPC Freelancer

Hi, I’m Darren Taylor and I have been a PPC fanatic for over 11 years, working with organisations big and small across a wide variety of industries, delivering amazing results.

I am also a marketing tutor at The IDM and run a popular PPC YouTube channel.

I love helping my clients grow their businesses through the power of Google Ads.

google ads freelancer


  • Challenge #1
  • Digital marketing platforms like Google Ads are getting more competitive, expensive and technical.

    It's hard to understand what to optimise and how to get results.

  • Challenge #2
  • You don't know whether your website is converting clicks into customers effectively.

    You want to give your potential customers the smoothest experience possible, but you don't know what's working or what's hindering your user experience.

  • Challenge #3
  • You don't have the right processes, automations or tech to capitalise on every single lead or potential sale.

    Your current setup isn't maximising your leads and sales.

Take Your Business Beyond Google Ads

My mission is to understand your business from the ground up. Not just your Google Ads campaigns, but your digital business infrastructure including your website, lead followup and processes and the market landscape.

My consultancy gets to the point and peels back the curtain on what's really going on within your digital marketing program.

My approach will always be bespoke, honest and incredibly detailed. It will set the direction for how your business will succeed in the digital world.


You need a partner who is invested in you!

The last thing you need is an inflexible 12 month contract, or a continuous cycle of hiring inexperienced marketers that don't move the needle.

Partner with a pro with over 11 years of PPC experience and shortcut your way to growth with a tailor made strategy.

The Solution

More Than Just a Google Ads Freelancer

Nearly all businesses I work with have challenges that go beyond PPC and Google Ads.

Common examples include difficulty measuring website activity and tracking conversions accurately, running ads to a website that struggles to convert and not leveraging the correct digital systems to maximize business performance.

I can help with all of these challenges and become more than just a Google Ads freelancer. I will act as a full service digital department, a true extension of your team.


How do I know that this is right for my business?

If your business is generating traffic through Google Ads (or thinking about getting started) then my consultancy will be right for you.

I work with businesses of all sizes ranging from small micro businesses all the way up to global FTSE100 and NASDAQ corporate organisations.

Whatever the size or industry niche, I’m certain I can make you more sales. See previous examples of who has contacted me for an audit.

– Small business owners

– Generalist marketing and PR freelancers needing a digital expert

– In house marketing managers and directors needing a second opinion

– Stretched agencies who need expertise on demand

I’ll put together the strategy and deliver it end to end if you hire me as your consultant.

How soon can we get started?

We can get started right away! Get in touch and we’ll begin your project.

So what happens after we agree to work together?

When we get started, I won’t only work on building winning campaigns. I will get a full understanding of your business. It’s important to see where your business sits in the overall landscape within your niche.

Although we may be partnering to work on one channel, e.g. Google Ads, the effectiveness of digital marketing is linked to your website’s ability to convert leads into sales, correct tracking of conversions and an end to end analysis of your businesses digital processes.

Expect detail, actionable insights, frequent and open communication and profitable marketing campaigns!

How much do you charge?

I charge on a project by project basis. I work with businesses ranging from small e-commerce websites running a single Google Ads campaign, up to FTSE100 businesses requiring management of a full suite of marketing channels. Get in touch to get a quote for your project.

Do you do 12 month contracts?

No. In today’s market where businesses need a solution that is flexible and delivers, I want businesses I partner with to be confident that I can deliver results. 

Locking a business into a 12 month contract doesn’t inspire confidence. For that reason, I work to monthly rolling agreements.