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Do you want more sales from Google?

I help determined business owners run wildly profitable, scalable and effective PPC campaigns on Google Ads and beyond. 🚀

My Services

See how I can help you scale your ads

1 hour consultation call

Let’s work through your Google Ads challenges in a consultation power hour

Full PPC Account Audit

Full account audit, where all required changes and issues are documented and then implemented in your Google Ads account.

Sometimes, you just need to know what’s broken and fix it

Struggling with Growth?

Despite trying numerous agencies or hiring marketing experts, you might find that leads and sales aren’t improving. A fresh, expert approach could make all the difference.


Beyond Basic Advertising

Thriving in today’s market requires more than just a basic understanding of Google Ads. It demands deep commercial insight and advanced technical skills. With over 13 years of experience, you can be assured that you are in capable hands. 


Expertise That Delivers

Benefit from the strategies, tools, and insights I’ve developed through managing millions in advertising spend across global and local markets. Grow your business with expert guidance.


Outside The Box Thinking

Go beyond Google Ads! My commercial expertise and processes will delve into your business, creating a winning strategy based on a thorough understanding of your challenges.


How I run profitable PPC campaigns

My process has delivered for dozens of clients, from small local businesses, to global FTSE100 organisations.


By gaining a deep understanding of your business, and your industry landscape, I can ensure we hit the ground running. I provide a detailed website review as part of my process.


Whether you’re running PPC campaigns already or you’re just getting started, I will research, structure and build your PPC campaign based on proven methods that deliver incredible results.


As your campaigns start delivering, I will use the performance data to improve performance on an ongoing basis and scale your campaign while remaining highly profitable.

Meet your PPC partner

As Seen on YouTube


13+ Years Experience

Growing both small and large businesses globally. I have a wealth of experience on Google Ads


Technical Expertise

My expertise in tagging, tracking, and website development allows me to address issues beyond Google Ads, facilitating the optimisation and growth of your strategy from this channel.


Google Ads YouTuber

I share all of my knowledge for free on my YouTube channel where I have over 30k subscribers


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The latest Google Ads and digital marketing advice for small businesses


Let me solve your biggest PPC challenges

Get the results your business deserves!


Google Ads is becoming more complex

Digital marketing platforms like Google Ads are getting more competitive, expensive and technical.


Not sure your website is converting

You don’t know whether your website is converting clicks into customers effectively.



You're not sure what the best structure is

Setting up a campaign for success has changed a lot over the years. You need to do it correctly.


It's Getting Very Expensive

click costs have increased significantly over the last 5 years. Managing costs has never been more important!

Client reviews

Birender C

Darren has a wealth of knowledge, he was able to effectively guide us on improving our brand and on building out our digital marketing function to generate more leads and deals. He had pragmatic and actionable advice as well as more strategic action items.

Duane F

I came across Darren on YouTube and after watching his videos and listening to him explain the ins and outs of google adwords, I knew this was the guy I needed without a doubt. He rebuilt our campaign, built us a new website and had us up and running correctly in a very reasonable amount of time.


Darren Taylor is an excellent trainer and I fully can suggest him as a superb consultant.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know this is right for my business?

If your business is generating traffic through Google Ads (or thinking about getting started) then my consultancy will be right for you.

I work with businesses of all sizes ranging from small micro businesses all the way up to global FTSE100 and NASDAQ corporate organisations.

Whatever the size or industry niche, I’m certain I can make you more sales. See previous examples of who has contacted me for an audit.

– Small business owners

– Generalist marketing and PR freelancers needing a digital expert

– In house marketing managers and directors needing a second opinion

– Stretched agencies who need expertise on demand

I’ll put together the strategy and deliver it end to end if you hire me as your consultant.

How soon can we get started?

We can get started right away. Get in touch and we can discuss your project

What happens after we agree to work together

When we get started, I won’t only work on building winning campaigns. I will get a full understanding of your business. It’s important to see where your business sits in the overall landscape within your niche.

Although we may be partnering to work on one channel, e.g. Google Ads, the effectiveness of digital marketing is linked to your website’s ability to convert leads into sales, correct tracking of conversions and an end to end analysis of your businesses digital processes.

All relationships start with a full PPC and website audit and strategy presentation ahead of implementing the plan in your account.

How much do you charge?

I charge on a project by project basis. I work with businesses ranging from small e-commerce websites running a single Google Ads campaign, up to FTSE100 businesses requiring management of a full suite of marketing channels. Get in touch to get a quote for your project.

However there is a fixed cost to me 1 hour consultation calls of £250+vat

Do you do 12 month contracts?

No. In today’s market where businesses need a solution that is flexible and delivers, I want businesses I partner with to be confident that I can deliver results.

Locking a business into a 12 month contract doesn’t inspire confidence. For that reason, I work to monthly rolling agreements.