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Schedule a call at your convenience using my simple booking system. Once booked, you’ll receive a calendar invitation with the Google Meet link.

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To get the most out of the call, it’s important that we can look at your account data. You can invite me into your account ahead of the call so we can walk through performance in real time. If you prefer, you can share your screen with me instead.

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During the call, we’ll review your account, identify any issues, and establish a clear path for improvement. Feel free to ask me anything — this time is dedicated to you!

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As Seen on YouTube


13+ Years Experience

Growing both small and large businesses globally. I have a wealth of experience on Google Ads


Technical Expertise

My expertise in tagging, tracking, and website development allows me to address issues beyond Google Ads, facilitating the optimisation and growth of your strategy from this channel.


Google Ads YouTuber

I share all of my knowledge for free on my YouTube channel where I have over 30k subscribers

Client reviews

Birender C

Darren has a wealth of knowledge, he was able to effectively guide us on improving our brand and on building out our digital marketing function to generate more leads and deals. He had pragmatic and actionable advice as well as more strategic action items.

Duane F

I came across Darren on YouTube and after watching his videos and listening to him explain the ins and outs of google adwords, I knew this was the guy I needed without a doubt. He rebuilt our campaign, built us a new website and had us up and running correctly in a very reasonable amount of time.


Darren Taylor is an excellent trainer and I fully can suggest him as a superb consultant.

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Sometimes you just need to understand what is going on inside your campaign


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Cost effective

At just $300, you’ll make an insane return on investment by implementing my suggestions.


Beyond Google Ads

Although the call focuses on Google Ads, I have extensive digital marketing knowledge and can assist with broader strategies