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Today I’m going to show you the three most important things to consider when building your service based landing page for your business. Now when I say service based, I mean any service out there. I mean software as a service, I mean your plumbers, your carpenters, even software providers, anyone you can think of.

This video is going to help you optimize your landing page and get more sales. The reason I’ve made this video is because I’ve seen campaigns performing amazingly well in terms of how well they’re optimized and the quality of the traffic they are generating, but why drive and pay for all of that quality traffic?

if your page isn’t going to convert those people into sales and leads. So let’s take a look and understand the three things you need to think of when creating your service based landing page. This framework is really simple because the three things to consider are the three questions people ask themselves when they click one of your ads and land on your landing page.

The three questions are, am I in the right place? Are these the right people, and what do I do next? These three key questions are what you need to answer on your page as soon as the person lands. They need to be able to answer these three questions without even scrolling. Because don’t forget, the world of advertising is incredibly fickle.

People will bounce back to Google in a split second. Or if you’re advertising on Facebook, they’ll go straight back to their feed if they don’t like what they’re seeing. So, You have to answer these three questions without the person even scrolling down. They have to be above the fold. So how do you answer these questions?

Well, the first one is, am I in the right place? There’s one thing that’s going to really highlight whether or not the person is in the right place. And that’s your main headline. Your main headline on your page is going to convey the quickest. Whether or not the person is in the right place. Now I know the temptation with headings is to massively optimize them for SEO, jamming keywords in, and what happens then is it becomes pretty unreadable, and the person just sees a keyword, maybe it makes them think they’re in the right place.

but it doesn’t grab attention. Your headline needs to do a lot of heavy lifting. It’s the first thing that users are going to see on the page. So instead of thinking about SEO, park that aside for now, because you’re driving traffic through advertising quite commonly and you want to use advertising landing pages.

So with that in mind, write your headline to grab the user’s attention. They need to know they are in the right place. You need to Clearly convey your service. What have they searched for, and when they land on the page, are they seeing that on the page? And make it interesting. Don’t just say what you do.

Like if you’re an accounting software business, don’t just say accounting software for business. It has to be more interesting than that. This is where it becomes a bit different for PPC managers, because we’re quite left brained. We’re quite logical and numbers focused. You might need to get the help of somebody who’s more content focused and more creative to write a headline that both conveys what you do and make sure the person is interested and hooks in their attention.

The second question I said people ask is Are these people the right ones to solve my problem? And this question is a bit more difficult to answer, because once the headline has grabbed their attention, you’ve hooked them in, and now you want to tell them why they should stay. All you need is a sub heading underneath your main heading, maybe a block of, um, larger text, a larger paragraph, that succinctly and clearly explains I know your problem.

I’m going to solve it because I’m this good. Those three things are what you need to do when answering that question on your website. So here you want to explain why your solution will best solve their problem, better than what the competitors do. You might want to reinforce social proof, like saying, with our 500 positive customer reviews, etc, etc.

So these are the kind of things you want to highlight here. Again, keep it succinct, keep it snappy. And if you need help with somebody writing this content, then you need to get them involved because it’s really important. And of course, the last question customers will ask themselves is, what do I do next?

Once your headline has hooked them in so they don’t leave your page, they’ve read that snippet of text and understand exactly how you can solve their problems and why you are the best. people to solve their problems. The next thing is, okay, I love what these guys are doing. What do I do next? You need a call to action.

You need one at the top of your page, right there above the fold. So people who are already convinced by what you can do can click and take action. For simple businesses, you want one call to action. Just one thing you want the user to do in terms of taking the next step forward to transacting with you and submitting their information.

So that’s really important to remember. However, there are more complex businesses, particularly in the B2B sector. And for those types of businesses, you want to go with a maximum of two with a primary call to action in terms of the main thing you want the person to do on site. And then you might want a secondary one because it’s a harder sell, so maybe a softer conversion point, maybe seeing reviews, maybe it’s something along the lines of content download, as opposed to booking a full on appointment or taking a free trial.

There are plenty of things to think about as your secondary conversion point. And to prove to you that the biggest service based businesses in the world do this. Let’s take a look at some examples to highlight specifically how important it is to get this right. So starting off with the biggest CRM company in the world.

Well, I suppose they go way beyond CRMs now, and that is Salesforce. You’ll notice on their small business CRM landing page, they do exactly this. They have a really attention grabbing headline, lower CRM. So what they’ve done there is they’ve highlighted that they’re the service that the person is looking for.

If you’re looking for a small business CRM, these guys will sort you out. And the lower costs part is an interesting hook because people obviously want to lower costs. So that gets the person’s attention. Underneath that, they’ve got to discover a customer relationship management platform that helps your small business work smarter, not harder.

Who doesn’t want that? If you’re a small business looking for a CRM, this is exactly what you’re looking for. So, that’s important to note as well. And of course, finally, they have their call to action. Watch the demo. So, they have one call to action, one thing they want the user to do to move on to the next step of the sale.

That’s really interesting. Up next we have British Gas. If you’re not from the UK, you probably don’t know who these guys are. If you’re from the uk, you know exactly who they, who they are. They are the biggest energy provider in the entire United Kingdom, and they take the same approach as well. You can see here gas, electricity from British Gas.

Now, the reason they’ve put their brand name in there is because, as I say, they’re reinforcing their, their historical brand trade because their brand is massive in the uk. And then they’ve talked about exactly the kind of service they provide. Fixed gas and electricity tariffs available to give you price certainty in this current climate in the economy, especially in the U.

K. That’s really important. And then, of course, they have their get an energy quote button here, which is exactly what they want you to do. That is the step they want you to move on to next. And finally, we’re gonna look at an I. T. Company. I. B. M. One of the longest standing I. T. Company’s massive player in the in the marketplace.

They take the same thing. I. T. Automation. They’ve kept it quite simple. In all fairness, they could have added a bit more here. I think this actually could do with a bit of work, but because they’re IBM, I suppose they could get away with it, but their competitors could probably do better. But what’s interesting is they have actually done the same thing as well.

Drive dynamic business outcomes by ensuring application and infrastructure performance with intelligent automation from IBM. That is a very good job. Secondary level hook because that’s going to highlight the business problems and how they can improve their business and how good IBM are at what they do.

And of course, they’ve got two call to actions here. As I mentioned, their main one is in block blue. So you can see it’s a blue button. That’s the main call to action is the furthest left on the block, and it’s going to be the main one they want you to do. Secondly, you have read customer success stories is highlighted in a lighter color to highlight that it’s the secondary call to action.

But again, That call to action is handy because it can show you all of the reviews to help you take that next step that they actually want you to do. And there you have it. That’s the formula I use to optimize landing pages. Why waste all your money sending traffic to pages that aren’t going to convert?

With these three tips, you’re going to get more conversions. If you liked this video, please leave a like below. Let me know in the comments which part was your favorite, whether or not you got value from this. Let me know in the comments. I reply to all comments on all of my new videos. So we’ll chat down there below like this video.

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